Founded in 2016, PRAZOR started as a Christian music platform offering internet radio streams to users online. For the next two years the platform would grow to include a mobile app. The initial app was featured on iOS and Android consumer devices. Now it is currently on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

In 2018, the PRAZOR app received updates to the user interface and music offering. Over the next two years, PRAZOR launched a massive campaign including developing an interactive version of the music app and building relationships with the music communities around the globe. Today in late 2020 PRAZOR is offering a pre-registration period to consumers from October 30th to December 31st 2020 for the new app.

The new PRAZOR on demand app will be available on January 1, 2021. The new interactive app is feature rich giving people control of their music on PRAZOR. #WeArePRAZOR


What We Do

We provide the best Christian music from around the world on one platform. PRAZOR is the only music streaming app dedicated to faith based music communities. At our core we hand curate the best Christian music from around the world.

We Are Christian Music

Our group is made up of Christians who are passionate about music. Our core team is made of singers, songwriters,  and business professionals. Here at PRAZOR we stand with the artists, creators, musicians, music industry, producers and professionals who help our who make up our We provide the best Christian music offering users with the only Christian music streaming platform in the world.

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