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PRAZOR On Demand!


The all new PRAZOR is an interactive and on demand music app. The app has evolved from a non interactive version of hand curated music. Our consumers have been asking for new features. They spoke and we listened by building something amazing!

It started with the possibility that we can make it happen. The team at PRAZOR delivered and here is the all new On Demand Interactive PRAZOR app. Pre Registration is available now until the end of the year. Early adopters who register for a premium plan will receive the first month free! The app will be available to download in 2023!

There has never been a better time to provide the PRAZOR community with an amazing listening experience. We are committed to bringing people family friendly music. Now they can take the music they love with them on demand! Go premium and tell everyone!



The all new interactive PRAZOR app brings new functions to the users. Consumers now have more control of the music right at their fingertips. The search function on PRAZOR allows users to search the entire music catalog on the platform.

This feature was the number one request from the PRAZOR community. The search functionality takes users on a new journey. They can search songs by title or simply by the artist name.

The PRAZOR search function provides users with suggested artists when only a few letters are entered. This will help listeners find the artist they are looking for and some new ones to check out as well!

Music Player


The new fully interactive music player is a major upgrade to the PRAZOR platform. The player has many functions and features built in natively. This gives users complete control of the music they are listening to at any given time.

The interactive PRAZOR music player is here and provides listeners with an amazing listening experience. Users can like songs and add them to their created playlists. Subscribers can connect the music app to devices such as wireless speakers via blue tooth and airplay.

On the new interactive player listeners can shuffle, loop and repeat their favorite tracks. Premium users have an unlimited ability to skip through music and listen offline. Sharing to social media is easy with the native social media sharing features!

Artist Profiles


The PRAZOR app is built on music that moves our consumers. We stand with the music creators who make the app come to life with amazing tunes. Subscribers can follow their favorite artists and will be listed in a personalized favorite artist section.

Listeners can then create a playlist made up of the artists they want to stream. The artist bios will be available to listeners and can share these profiles with family and friends. The artist profiles include the music discography by each song and album.

We work with the music industry and artists to update their profiles. Users can create a custom listening profile based on the artist they are following and include all of their music or select only tracks they love.

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